Arslan Naseer – Bio, Age, Relationship, Height, Net Worth, Facts

Arslan Naseer is best known for his humor videos, which he uploads on his Youtube Channel. Arslan is a Youtube content creator, Comedian, and Social media Celebrity.

He mainly uploads funny at the same time full of the humorous video regarding current trending topics. His Youtube channel name is CBA – Arslan Naseer.

Arslan Naseer Short Biography

Arslan Naseer Bio

The gentleman was born in a Pakistani Army family. Throughout his childhood, he has been moving around Pakistan because of his Father’s job. Arslan was very creative from his childhood times. He said all the humor and fun-loving feature he has comes from his parents. Because both his Father and mother are also fun-loving and humorous.

When it comes to his family, there are plenty of things that Arslan Naseer has not shared with the public media. Maybe he thought it is unnecessary to share them in front of his audience or the public media. This is the reason, and there is not any valid information about his parents and family.

From his childhood, he was very good at Arts, and he loves arts and loves to think in an artistic way. Maybe that’s why he is very good at creating a very attention-grabbing comic.

Professional Career

Now, Arslan is one of the most popular YouTube influencers in Pakistan. The journey of becoming a YouTuber was tough for him. After getting primary and secondary education done, he moved to Ireland to complete his bachelor degree in business.

During his bachelor degree, he got a job, and everything was going perfectly for him. Although at that time, everything was going okay, but his inner self is missing something. That’s why he decided to come back to Pakistan.

Arslan Naseer Wiki

After completing his bachelor degree, he went to the UK to complete his MSC in Marketing. When he was living in the UK, he used to work as a cashier in the UK. Later, he completed his MSC degree and come back to Pakistan, his motherland. He came back to Pakistan after eight years back.

Then from 2016, he started uploading videos on Youtube regularly. He started uploading Pakistani serials review video with comedy commentary in the initial days of his YouTube journey. He used to get criticism from his friends and relatives because he decided to leave the job, move to Pakistan, and Started YouTubing. Even Once one of his friends says to him, “I feel ashamed to say you’re my friend.” 

Even then, he didn’t give up, and now in 2020, he has more than 500K subscribers on Youtube. He is counted as one of the talented Youtuber in the Pakistani YouTube community. He is now also working in a Telecom company in the Corp Communications dept.

Arslan said that His parents were so supportive and helpful in his whole career journey.

Arslan Naseer Net Worth

Arslan Naseer Net Worth
Arslan Naseer Net Worth

Sources said that Arslan Naseer has an estimated net worth of $50K – $90K, which is sufficient to lead a lavish lifestyle in Pakistan.

The majority of his income comes from his Job in Telecom Company. He is also earning a decent amount from his YouTube channel. According to Socialblade, he is making, on average $50K from Youtube annually.

Arslan Naseer Girlfriend

In 2020, He is still single. As per his statement, Arslan Naseer is still single. However, he said that he was in a relationship several years ago, but now his relationship status is Single.

With the attitude, kindness, humorous feature of Alpha Man, any woman can fall into his love. Even, most of the girls always find someone like him, who has good humor, at the same time funny. Following Arslan’s statement, It seems like he only wants to work upon his passion right now.

Height Weight

Arslan Naseer Height

Besides having great humor and good looking face with a smile, he also has a very good height. He has a height of 5 Feet 10 Inches, and his weight is 70 Kilograms. Which refers that his BMI score is 22.1, suggests that he is leading a healthy lifestyle.

In one of his QNA sessions, Arslaan shared that he is very dedicated and strict when it comes to workout. Because of his tight workout session, he is greatly maintaining his weight and keep healthy.

Social Media Appearance

CBA – Arslan Naseer is available on almost every popular social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. He has a decent number of followers on all social media platforms.

Facebook: Facebook is one of the most significant parts of his success because he started his online journey with Facebook. At that time, Facebook was booming and getting popularity day by day compared to others (Youtube). That’s why he picked Facebook to start out. He created his Facebook page on Jun 8, 2011, by the Name CBA – Arslan Naseer. The full form of CBA is Comics by Arslan. He started uploading funny with full of humorous comics on his Facebook page. Time goes on, and the page started getting popularity in the Pakistani community, and people started loving his comics. In a matter of some days, He has hit the 1million milestone, and he became the first Pakistani to get 1 Million followers on Facebook. Now he has more than 1.5 million followers on Facebook. Because of some personal reasons, he shut down his Facebook page for three years. That’s why the engagement has got stuck.

Youtube: Dec 6, 2011, Arslan created his Youtube Channel. At that time, he used to uploads his funny comics reaction video by his Facebook followers. The first video was found on his channel was uploaded on Jun 4, 2012. After a certain period of time, he uploaded some comedy videos on his channel, but he couldn’t get any views on those videos. From 2016, He began uploading videos on Youtube professionally. Since then, he started getting a considerable amount of attention from his viewers. Right now, he has more than 490K subscribers on Youtube, and his youtube channel has able to get overall more than 30 million views. The most popular video on his channel is “Pakistan vs India – Pakistan ki Cheekhain!” over 1.2 million people have viewed the video, to date.

Instagram: He also has a decent amount of followers on Instagram. He mainly notified his followers about his new videos on Instagram also often uploads exclusive comedy videos on Instagram. Right now, more than 135K people follow his Instagram handle. On average, he gets 5K likes on his Instagram content. He has already uploaded more than 800 posts on Instagram, which shows he is also regularly active on Instagram.


  • He was born in an Army family
  • He is the first person who has hit one million followers milestone on Facebook from Pakistan.

Quick Bio & Facts

Full NameArslan Naseer
Birth PlacePakistan
EducationCompleted BBA
Date Of BirthWill Update
Age in 2020Will Update
HoroscopeWill Update
Net Worth$50K – $90K
Height5 Feet 10 Inches
178 CM (In Centimetre)
Weight70 Kilograms
154 lbs (In Pounds)

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