Code With Harry Biography, Age, Real Name, Height, Net Worth

Introducing Code With Harry, is a programmer web developer, Educator, and Youtube content creator, who belongs from India. In today’s world, the most successful and most valuable companies are based on technology, such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and so on. Did you think about who makes these technologies, websites, apps, landing pages for big companies?

Yes, programmers like Harry help big companies to build digital assets for them. Programmer Harry always claimed that he is a noob at Programming, but his project never makes you believe that.

So we talk about Harry’s wiki, biography, real name, age, net worth, family, height, weight, and more. But first, let’s take a look at his quick bio and facts.

Code With Harry Biography

Full NameHaris Khan
Father NameWill Update
Mother NameWill Update
SiblingsNot Known
BirthplaceDelhi, India
Home TownWill Update
EducationGraduated in Engineering
CollegeIIT Kharagpur

Harry was Born in a middle class but a gentle family. From his childhood, he had an extra attraction to computers and technology. He loves to think about how all the computer and its software works.

That’s how his passion for programming was built. But his family never stood in front of him as a barrier, and they always used to support him.

After completing his primary education, he joined IIT Kharagpur to complete his engineering degree.

Code With Harry Real Name


Most of his subscribers and followers are still curious about his real name. As Harry didn’t disclose his name publicly yet, that’s why a mystery has already been created about his name. 

After our brief research, we have found a video of his, where he mentioned himself as Haris Khan. So Code With Harry’s real name is Haris Khan.

Code With Harry Age

Birth DateWill Update
Birth Year1996
Age in 202124
Zodiac SignWill Update

No doubt, He is still quite young and charming. Although he is young, to be honest, there isn’t any actual data about Code With Harry birthday and age.

But some sources predict that he was born in 1996, suggesting that by 2021, Harry is 24 years old. In the small period of his life, he already got some sort of success.

As soon as The intelligent programmer shares his birthday with the public media, we will let you know.

Code With Harry Net Worth In 2021

Net Worth$120K
Net Worth in Rupee90 Lakhs
Net Worth in 2020$90K
Net Worth in 2019$40K
Net Worth in 2018$10K
ProfessionContent Creator and Programmer
Income SourceYoutube and From Projects

Code With Harry net worth is between $120K, no doubt beside his skills and hard work the money is less, but still, it’s a good amount of money. With that, he can easily lead a healthy lavish lifestyle with his family.

Most of his income comes from Programming and Youtubing. No doubt, as an expert developer, he charges a good amount of money from his client. 

Another significant source of income for him comes from Youtube. According to SocialBlade, he earns more than $60K from his four Youtube channels in a year. Most of the revenue comes from his main channel, named Code With Harry.

Professional Career

As mentioned above, he always had a love for computers and technology. So after completing his primary education, he took Science as a subject to get into the Engineering college. Later, he completed his secondary education and joined IIT Kharagpur to become a professional developer. 

During his college time, he submitted many projects, and professors admired each and every project of him. Once, he got a chance to visit Singapore for a college project. There he met lots of other mates like him and professional programmers. According to Harry’s words, that project tour had taught him a lot.

Professional Career

Later, he ended his college degree by learning different types of Programming Language and became a full stack developer. I started working for local clients and doing freelancing.

In 2016, he started a Youtube channel, named Hindi Coding Zone, the name itself says what the theme of the channel was. He was teaching programming to others, but unfortunately, afterward, the channel got terminated from Youtube, and he got frustrated.

Some days later, surprisingly, he started a mimicry channel like Mythpat. He did try to mimic of Shah Rukh Khan to Amitabh Bacchan. Even by doing that, he also got some sort of view. The channel name was HindiGamingZone, able to attract more than 13K subscribers.

Two years back in 2018, he built another Programming related channel, named Code With Harry. Because of this channel, most of the people recognize him.

He has covered most of the popular programming Languages tutorials in his channel, such as Javascript, Django, Python, C, C++. JAVA, and so on, To be honest, the courses are very quality full, and the best part is he is delivering all the stuff in the price range of 0. 

People started loving his quality content and subscribing to his channel. Right now, he has over 600K subscribers on Youtube. Last month, his channel was able to gain more than 7 Million views, which is insane for a Programming related boring niche.

He started a new English channel, named Programming With Harry, which has already got over 30K subscribers.

Now you can call him a successful Youtuber, but the journey was tough as I already said that his first channel got terminated by Youtube, then he tried mimicry and then again came to programming. So he was always experimenting, and lastly, he got big success with the Code With Harry channel. Hope he will gather more people in his channel in the upcoming years.

Relationship Status

Martial StatusNot Married
Relationship StatusSingle
ProfessionWill Update

One of his subscribers asked him about his relationship status three years back. He replied to his fan, “I am still single. Don’t want to be attached to a relationship now. I just want to pursue my programming.”

But that was three years back. Maybe now he is in a relationship, but at the same time, there isn’t any rumor about his relationship. Now the programmer better knows whether he is in a relationship or not.

Frequently, there is a myth that programmers are boring compared to other professions. They are not good at relationships. Even the study shows that They appreciate their relationships.

Height and Weight

Code With Harry Wiki
Height5 Feet 10 Inches
178 CM (In Centimetre)
Weight65 Kilograms
143 lbs (In Pounds)
BMI Score20.5
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Shoe SizeNine

The height of the intelligent programmer is 5 Feet 10 Inches, and weight is 65 Kilograms. Meanwhile, his BMI score is 20.5, suggesting that he is leading a healthy lifestyle.

Social Media Appearance of Code With Harry

Main Youtube ChannelCode With Harry
Other Youtube ChannelsProgrammingWithHarry, HindiGamingZone
Instagram Followers30K+
Twitter Followers250+
Twitter Handle@Haris_Is_Here
Facebook Followers6.5K+

As a Youtube content creator and recognized personality, He is available in some major Social Media platforms, such as Instagram. Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. On most of the platforms, he has a considerable amount of followers.

Instagram: Let’s first talk about his Instagram account. He has already uploaded over 850 content on Instagram, which brings his account to get more than 30K followers. Harry Mainly uploads some sort of programming memes on Instagram and gets on average 4000 likes in every post.

Youtube: As mentioned above, he is monitoring four different Youtube channels. Because of his Youtube channel, now people can recognize him. The most successful channel is Code With Harry, which has over 600K subscribers.

Facebook: He has created a Facebook Page on 2nd August 2018. Since then, he is continuously uploading quality content there as well. As a result, now the page has more than 6.5K followers.

Twitter: Unlike above there social media, he isn’t regularly active on Twitter. But his engaging followers’ list found him on Twitter and started following him. The gentlemen have more than 250 followers on Twitter.

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