Dua Lipa Weight Loss 2022: Workout, Diet, Supplements, Secrets

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Dua Lipa is a model, songwriter and singer. She worked as a model before signing up with Warner Bros,whre she released her debut album eponymous in 2017.

In 2020, Dua Lipa released her second album with critical acclaim. Eponymous was ranked third in the UK albums chart, with one of her songs, “New Rules,” being ranked third in the United States. 

She is one of the celebrities who have successfully managed to put their weight under control through routine activities. Read this article to the end to unravel Dua Lipa weight loss secrets, workout routine, diet plan and how she lost 17 pounds?

The photo contains Dua Lipa weight loss depiction

Dua Lipa Weight Loss Journey

Dua Lipa’s weight loss activities revolve around balanced diet and exercise. Of course, there are plenty of weight loss secrets, including different workouts that helped her achieve her toned physique. But she does not restrict her diet so much.

Also, she tries to stay healthy and carefully chooses the snacks she eats. For instance, her daily exercise snacks include bananas and cashew butter. In one of her interviews, the Albanian singer confesses that she loves eating fish and chips which is her favorite meal.

She also works hard to maintain her weight by keeping off sugary foods. However, she occasionally eats naughty treats. In addition, she is not a regular gym goer but she visits the gym whenever she has a free schedule. But when busy, she relies on HIIT routines to remain fit and make things interesting.  

How Did The Dua Lipa Weight Loss Journey Start?

Dua Lipa’s weight loss journey started when she released her first pop vocal album. At that point, she realized that her body type would greatly help her to compete favorably with top singers such as Taylor swift. In 2021, she was awarded the best vocal award.

After the award, she realized she needed full body workout to tone her body and succeed in music. It is the diet and workout routine that makes her strong on stage. It allows her to confidently entertain such gatherings.

People noticed Dua Lipa weight loss changes when performing for the Grammy award and immediately started talking about her. Her toned body and fitness are the main assets that helped her get declared winner for the best pop vocal award.

The main reason why she chose to lose weight is to give her a head start in the industry. Toned and fit bodies are an added advantage to artists while on stage and give more energy to perform more efficiently.

How She Lost 17 Pounds?

Dua Lipa lost her weight by working out and watching what she eats. But she is a busy artist who is always traveling.

So she does not get the time to hit the gym as often. However, she often engages in HIIT routines. When it comes to her favorite foods, chips and fish ranks high in her quicklist. However, she avoids eating candy and other sugary foods. She also ensures to have a go to snacks whenever she gets a chance.

Dua Lipa Weight Loss Secrets

Her secrete lies in healthy eating before and after working out. She eats Bananas and cashews as her pre-workout snack before hitting the gym.

Also, she avoids sugary foods like sweet treats which she says make her feel lethargic and puts her in a food coma. She indulges in candy once in a while but says that she often feels drowsy after eating them. 

Her appearance at the Grammy must have been the main impetus that pushed her into dieting and following a workout plan to slim her physique.

dua lipa weight loss secrets

It helped her edge out seasoned artists like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. Overall, her Future Nostalgia was one of the best pop vocal album in the competition. Physical fitness is a major determinant of how one performs while on stage.

Moreover, it is one of her weight loss secrets that inspired her to work on her weight and keep fit. She performs HIT routines daily owing to her busy schedule. 

Diet Plan

Music is a career that relies on the voice primarily but which requires one to have a toned body and remain physically fit. Thus, Dua Lipa does not avoid unhealthy foods such as sweet treats but says that she eats them in moderation if she needed to eat.

She also prefers home cooking to help her limit the number of processed foods in her diet. In most cases, the breakfast she eats depends on the activities she plans to undertake. She eats a banana and cashew butter when fueling for a workout.

In addition, the butter gives her potassium and plant-based protein to fuel the muscles during the workout to help keep her in good shape. 

The Occasional Treat

Lipa got used to being independent at a younger age, so she learned how to prepare and cook her meals early. Therefore, when she is not on tour, she prepares her own Albanian food.

While on British Tv talk show, she said that the common meals in the Dua Lipa diet plan includes pita, and Byrek which are popular Albanian cuisine. She does not love naughty treats but occasionally eats them.

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Workout Routine

Also, her British Tv talk revealed that her workout plan lasts about 15 minutes. She engages in highly intensive training which are intended to help her keep fit and burn calories after engaging in occasional treats. 

Dua Lipa engages in HIIT that helps her body to burn fat to lose weight. The workout routine also enhances the heart rate, and speeds up burning calories. 

The reason for starting boxing is that helps to keep her in the best shape and is a great stress reliever. Thus, her workout routine entails several high intensive moves that maximize her heart rate. The exercise she engages in includes full body workouts such as burpees, jumping jacks, and mountain climbers

Dua Lipa’s 15-Minute Workouts Model

Although many artists don’t love boxing save for people like Gigi Hadid, it is one of her workouts to engage in when out on tour and when one has some free space. She says that she loves it because it is something that kinda clear her mind.

Core Focus Areas

During her spare time, she trains with her friend Ella with whom they focus on sculpting workouts. Occasionally, she engages her best friend Bunny to train and motivates her when getting started. 

When she is free, she gets up early, prepares herself and starts exercising at around 8:30 am. She engages in several high-intensity exercises, which are:

  • Crunches
  • Leg Raises
  • and Planks

The exercises that help her get through the high energy easily show includes:

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Jumping Jacks
  • and Burpees

Also, she undertakes high-energy exercises such as bicycle crunches to help her ton her body. They help to supplement the diet.  


Moreover, she chooses the exercises to perform depending on the time she has and the city. Whenever she is a way for a show and finds herself with plenty of time, she engages in boxing-related exercises for fitness purposes.

It helps her refresh her body and focus on her mind. Undoubtedly, these workout sessions also played a major role in her successful 17 pounds of weight loss.

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Has Dua Lipa Undergone any Weight Loss Surgery?

Some peoples claim that Dua Lipa undergone plastic surgery procedure to lose weight. However people believe that she Photoshopped them. However, she has vehemently denied that she photoshopped them. She has also not affirmed that she undertook plastic surgery. 

Note that many celebrities combine exercise, diet and surgery to lose weight. This is the reason why speculations were rise that Dua Lipa had surgery.

Looking at some of the photos can make one think that indeed, Dua Lipa had plastic surgery. But the singer has denied that she photoshopped some of the pictures and that she only relies on Lipa’s diet and exercises.

Dua Lipa Before & After Weight Loss

Dua Lipa has had a proportionate body, and so even before losing weight, she looked beautiful. But a few things have changed ever since she decided to lose weight. Her body is full of energy, doesn’t tire easily while on stage, and her brain works fast.

Other celebrities say that her weight loss endeavor has been a success, and she looks perfectly well. A few celebrities publicly talk about Dua Lipa’s weight loss journey.

Note that Dua Lipa looks superb after losing weight. She is more charming and energetic. After going under a successful weight loss journey, currently, Dua Lipa weigh about 128 pounds. However, before beginning the weight loss program, she was about 145 pounds, which means that she successfully lost 17 pounds.

Dua Lipa Weight Loss Before After Result

She is 1.73 m or 5 feet 8 inches Her BMI is 19.5 m / kg2 meaning that she is healthy. Further, her impressive height has endured her to agencies interested in giving her modeling contracts.  

Besides using HIIT to burn calories, Dua Lipa has interests in yoga, pilate’s session and boxing. All these contribute to her svelte figure. 

Dua Lipa has an estimated net worth of $16 million. She has accumulated her wealth through singing and working for modeling agencies. She is an inspiration to young people.

Height5 Feet 8 Inches
Weight (Before Weight Loss)145 Pounds
Current Weight128 Pounds
Weight Loss Amount17 Pounds
BMI19.5 m / kg2
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe Size7.5 / 38 (EU)

Dua Lipa’s Latest Song Dedicated To Workout

Let’s Get Physical Work Out is Dua Lipa’s new song which predicted the canceling of community classes and the need to engage in exercises even when in your privacy due to Covid 19 restrictions. She created the song to encourage people to exercise, albeit restrictions. 

She composed the song to help people keep physically fit during the Covid 19 restrictions and retain her position as a rising model.

She also composed the song to promote products such as towels, bodysuits, knee socks and sweatbands. The song was a hit and had more than 2.4 billion views on YouTube.

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Dua Lipa Personal Life

Dua Lipa was born in London to Albanian parents Anesa and Dukagin Lipa. She has a brother Gjion Lipa and a sister Rina Lipa. Her love for the music industry was influenced by her father, a guitarist and a Kosovan rock band singer.

Dukagin has composed many songs that include Sting, Radiohead, Bob Dylan and David Bowie. 

She grew up in London and went to Fitzjohn’s Primary School where she enrolled for music lessons. She auditioned to get admission into the school choir, but the teacher told her that she lacked the talent.

She moved to Kosovo after it gained independence, and she learned the Albanian language. 

At the age of 15, she moved back to London and went to Parliament Hill School, where she did her A levels and got admitted to Sylvia Young Theatre School. She got a job with a modeling agency and was hired as a singer in advertisements in an ITV. 


Dua Lipa is only in her 20s and Indeed, the sky is the limit if she continues to amaze people with her talent. She is naturally beautiful and is right candidate for modeling.

The success behind Dua Lipa weight loss journey includes her healthy diet and proper workouts. However, many people believes that she has undergone weight loss journey and however she has always denied the claim.

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