GreekGodx Weight Loss 2021: Diet, Exercise, Secrets, Journey

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Dmitri Raymondo Antonatos, popularly known as Greekgodx, is a popular twitch streamer with over 30 million views and one million followers. His content includes variety and IRL streams. The 28-year-old British national has been streaming on Twitch since 2011 and is rumoured to have a net worth of $1.1 Million.

His fans and loyalists from 2011 were used to seeing the twitch streamer overweight body, and before 2018, he never talked about his weight, but in 2018 the streamer committed to living healthier and carried us along on his journey as he lost about 70Ibs in a year.

GreekGodx lost weight by obtaining a healthy diet plan and following proper workout procedures. Moreover, he has followed the Ketogenic diet as a healthy food during his weight loss journey.

In this article, we will see how his body transformation has happened and how is he maintaining his insane weight loss progress nowadays.

Greekgodx Weight Loss Journey


Greekgodx weight loss came as a surprise to fans and followers because the twitch streamer had earlier decided to stay away from streaming for a while. 

This decision was met with a lot of concern from his fans who worried about him and his mental health, but when he joined his friend Mizkif for a surprise broadcast, it became clear to everyone that he had stayed away because of his weight loss journey.

His Best friend Mizkif was so surprised by the transformation that he said, “It’s insane to think what you were and where you are now dude.

Greekgodx also mentioned that he still has a lot of loose skin, and it has been a work in progress for him to gain muscles.

He said, “This is all skin, but I can fill it with muscle easy clap.

Greekgodx Weight Loss Secrets

It has been revealed that Greekgodx’s weight loss journey in 2018, and while the twitch streamer usually talks about many things on his streams, his weight was one topic he rarely talked about.

It is evident that since 2018 the twitch streamer has changed his lifestyle drastically, and the results show in his trimmer body.

Greekgodx has revealed that he could achieve his weight loss by working out and following a keto diet.

With a keto diet, it means that Greekgodx went for a high protein low carbohydrate diet, and he replaced the fat with protein in his food.

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With a keto diet, it is as basic as replacing carbs with fat, and the result of this is a faster metabolism and subsequent weight loss.

When on a ketogenic diet, the body is expected to be in the state of ketosis, which promotes more energy production and fat burning.

It is important to note that Greekgodx had earlier been diagnosed with diabetes, and he was learning to control his sugar level. With that in mind, he firstly stopped taking sugary drinks and caffeine with his diet, and he learned to drink water more often. 

Although he did say, when necessary, he indulged in a few sips most times to keep his sugar level balanced. In addition to this, in his keto diet, Greekgodx ate more meat, i.e., chicken, fish, etc. and salads.

Before his weight loss journey, Greekgodx lived a very sedentary life. Spending hours on his streaming deck and the exercise he got was when he got up to pee or got more food. 

In his weight loss journey, he adopted a healthier lifestyle. He started to walk and even run every often. He formed the habit of spending less time indoors and time outside and on his feet. For exercise, he also regularly ran on the treadmill.

One of the few videos showing Greekgodx’s weight loss journey is a video of him singing lion kings Hakuna Matata on a stream while on the treadmill. The camera fell to the floor and showed his shirtless body. This video, however, did not discourage him from posting more videos.

Weight Loss Surgery

The twitch streamer has been asked severally if he had any other help like surgery in his journey to achieve his body goals, and his answer has always been no. 

He has always maintained that he did not have any surgery but lost all his weight through hard work and eating right. He also stated that he wasn’t against surgery, but he prefers the more natural way.

Status of his Weight Loss Journey and LEARNINGS

Till now, the twitch streamer follows his diet and workout routines. He has also picked up a couple of tips on his weight loss journey, which he shared with his fans in a YouTube video.

According to Greekgodx, when trying to lose weight, you should follow essential tips and routines, just as he has.

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Firstly: You must realize what you are eating. The twitch streamer emphasized the importance of watching what you eat or drink. The portions of your food and what is in your food are two important components that you must be careful of.

Secondly: he stated that if you are looking to lose weight, it is always better to drink water rather than fizzy drinks.


He also stressed the importance of eating right. In his words, it is possible to achieve weight loss without altering your diet as long as you watch your portions and train yourself to eat less. He says it is important to find a balance between what you eat and how you eat it.

He revealed that he eats huge portions instead of smaller portions, and this has worked for him; however that is not to say that it will work for everyone.

At the start of Greekgodx’s weight loss journey, he weighed 369.4Ibs. On April 27, 2019, he revealed on a live stream that he was closer to his body goal of 250Ibs when he said, “We are finally under 300Ibs boys.

He also made a post on Twitter congratulating himself for becoming a member of the under 300Ibs club.

At the last update he gave on his weight, he revealed that he now weighed 299.2Ibs and 49.2Ibs away from his ideal weight.

The Conclusion.

When giving his weight loss tips, Greekgodx stated that the most important advice for him was to ‘losing weight isn’t easy, it takes determination.‘ Never give up, and this is the mantra he has lived by.

There is a lot to learn from the GreekGodx weight loss journey. He achieved a staggering transformation by losing 70Ibs in a year, and he has talked a lot about how he intends to share the knowledge he has gained so far with people struggling with weight loss like him.

On one of his Instagram posts, while showing off his transformed look, he talked about how he has not let his struggle with loose skin from his overweight days deter him. And he challenged his followers to follow in his footsteps and never give up on their journey.

Greekgodx runs a discord server where he talks about everything from diet, exercise tips, and motivation to over 5000 people subscribed to his server. He says this is his little way of making a difference.

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