Melissa Peterman Weight Loss Journey in 2022 [EXPLAINED]

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Melissa Peterman is an American actress and well-known comedian, best known for her character Barbra Jean. Melissa debuts her career as a side actress in a 1996 crime film named Fargo. Though the character had little screen time, it was still very important for her.

Since then, she has worked with around 40 Movies and TV shows. But she first got the fame after appearing in the famous sitcom TV show REBA (2001 – 2006). She played the character Barbra jean booker hart on Reba.

Because of her flawless acting and comic sense, she became very popular in a very short time among American households. Critics were also amazed by her performance. She is significantly known for her work on the Baby Daddy TV series.

Therefore, from the beginning of her career, she was the talk of the town. However, this does not mean that he was only in trends with her acting; instead, Melissa Peterman weight loss story has inspired many people.

Some believe that her weight loss proceeder was not natural. However, at the same time, many believe that her weight loss journey was entirely natural.

In today’s article, we will discuss How she gains weight? The real Melissa Peterman weight loss journey? What was her diet plan? How much did she lose weight? So keep reading to know more details about her drastic weight loss secrets.

How Melissa Peterman Gain Weight


When she joined Reba, she was a pretty average-weight girl. Over time, she started gaining weight slowly. If you notice her weight closely, it has consistently fluctuated throughout her career.

In 2005, when Melissa became pregnant, she gained a lot of weight in a very short time. After giving birth to her child with her husband John Brady, named Riley David Brady, 15. The baby daddy actress was curvier than ever. 

Although it is all-natural, when a mother becomes pregnant, she automatically gains extra weight because of the child and the heavy medicine.

But for Melissa, after giving birth to her child, she still used to look curvier. It was tough for her to maintain her weight as her first priority was to her child.

She shared in an interview, “I’m funny and I play funny characters, so it doesn’t matter if I’m not a size two or I may have some crow’s feet or whatever. Beauty is really about confidence.

Therefore, she was always happy with her body and weight.

Melissa Peterman Weight Loss Journey

As mentioned above, her weight has always fluctuated. Sometimes, she gains weight; sometimes, she loses weight. But as she is almost 180 meters / 5 feet 9 inches, her small bump of extra weight was unnoticeable most of the time.


After gaining a lot of extra weight because of pregnancy and giving birth to her first child. In November 2005, She became curvier than ever when she appeared in a red carpet event, and she was unrecognizable.

Fortunately, her extra-weight didn’t last long. The Reba actress became slimmer than before in just one year. In 2006/2007, she showed the best version of herself to the world by sharing her drastic weight loss journey

People were amazed by the absolute fantastic result of Melissa Peterman weight loss journey.

Later, she continued the progress in the upcoming years, too, as she managed to lose weight at a very fast pace. She then became a role model for others. 

Resulting in people searching for Melissa Peterman weight loss process and abouy her diet plan and how she exercised, etc.

We will talk about her diet plan and exercise in the upcoming part of the article.

Melissa Peterman Diet Plan

She had already gained a little bit of extra weight in 2005, before her pregnancy. Later, she became pregnant and gave birth to her first child. That time, she gained a considerable amount of extra fat after giving birth to her first child.

Therefore, she needed to come back to her usual shape as soon as possible, and she was also wanted to transform herself and wanted to become the best version of herself so that she can take care of her children the most.

As the baby daddy actress was very busy with her work schedule, she knew that it would be tough for herself to maintain her weight loss proceeder without the help of any professionals.

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Thus, actress Melissa Peterman hired a professional trainer to guide her and speed up the weight loss journey. 

She shared in an interview with Self about her diet and eating habits that helped her lose weight.

Morning Breakfast: An organic egg white omelet with fresh spinach picked from her organic garden, a side of turkey bacon, and a fresh fruit smoothie. In some mornings, she also considers eating cottage cheese.

Lunch: Homemade lentil soup with tomatoes and cottage cheese.

Snacks: For snacks / small meal, she most of the time consider Apple. Melissa Peterman considers that an apple a day can keep weight gain at bay.

Dinner: For dinner, she considers having protein-rich and fiber involved in any vegan dish.

Furthermore, she always tried to maintain a diet that contains the following foods: Protein-rich foods, high fiber fruits, and vegetables. At the same time, she always eliminated foods that contain high sugar and high fat. 

Note: Fresh fruit smoothie is one of her favorite drinks in her diet.

Besides that, Melissa Peterman is a good cook, and she is good at cooking healthy foods. Therefore, she loves to eat homemade meals most of the time and always tries to avoid junk food from her diet.

At last, in Melissa Peterman weight loss journey, the diet has played a significant role and thanks to her high fiber, high protein, and low carbs diet.

Fitness Routine

To get in shape and retain the beautiful lean shape, proper exercise and workout routine are essential. Without exercise/workout, it is almost impossible to retain fabulous body physics all the time.

Although Melissa Peterman hasn’t shared her workout routine yet, it is widely speculated that she regularly practices cardio

Even a massive amount of followers thinks that Melissa Peterman is also enrolled in a HIIT exercising program. Furthermore, often time she also performs strength training sessions once or twice a week.

There is no denying that these workout/exercise programs helped Melissa Peterman in her gradual weight loss journey.

In addition, Melissa Peterman leads a quite active and busy life. She is always doing something, whether preparing her children or go for a walk with her two pets. Melissa also loves to go on camping on vacation.

Melissa said, overall, her lifestyle is so active that she doesn’t need to join the gym.

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Weight Loss Surgery

A massive number of people assume that Melissa Peterman has undergone weight loss surgery. People think such because of the drastic Melissa Peterman weight loss journey. 


But the truth is she hasn’t done any surgery upon her body to lose weight. After giving birth to the child, it is entirely normal to gain weight. But, at the same time, it is also pretty normal to lose that extra weight in just a few months.

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Melissa Peterman mainly gained weight after giving birth to her child. But, as expected, within just one year, she has lost all the extra fat she gained previously and become previous-looking Melissa Peterman, even better than before to some extent.

That’s because Melissa Peterman hired a personal trainer and started her weight loss journey by obtaining a healthy diet and doing proper exercise

That’s the reason she was able to lose more extra weight and become slimmer than expected.

That’s where people think that she did surgery to look better, but it isn’t true?

Key Points to Learn

What can you learn from Melissa Peterman weight loss journey? Let’s take a look.

  1. Eating fiber-rich healthy foods helps to burn fat, and clear skin is the bonus.
  2. When you think about losing weight, water intake is important. Stay hydrated all the time. Try to have a minimum of 4 liters of water every day.
  3. An active lifestyle pays off.
  4. Take a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every day. If your body is seeking for a nap, then don’t feel shy. It is very important to give proper rest to your body.
  5. If you’re unable to figure out and get help from the professionals.
  6. Start taking workout/exercise seriously, and these will help to boost up the process of the weight loss journey.
  7. and many more.

How much does Melissa Peterman weight?


After losing the extra body fat, currently, actress melissa peterman weighs about 67 Kilograms / 148 Pounds, and her height is 1.78 Meters. Which says that her BMI score is 21.1, which means she is living a healthy life.

Height in Feet5 Feet 8 Inches
Height in CM178 Centimeters
Weight in Pounds148 lbs
Weight in Kilograms67 Kilograms
BMI21.1 m/kg2

Wrapping UP

Losing weight is always difficult, but not for someone like Melissa Peterman. Melissa Peterman weight loss journey is so inspirational. She has inspired thousands of people to take action to lose weight. 

After giving birth to her first child, she gained a vast amount of extra weight. Then, in 2005, In an event after gaining so much weight, she was unrecognizable when she realized that she is gaining weight rapidly.

She took the biggest decision and hired a personal trainer. She didn’t lose hope while working with her trainer. After one year of exercise and a healthy diet plan, she can cut down 60 lbs amount of weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions about Melissa Peterman weight loss journey. Take a look to get a broader picture.

How did Melissa Peterman lose weight?

Melissa Peterman loses weight by chopped out junk food, adding vegan to her diet plan, proper exercise, and an active lifestyle. However, she did hire a professional trainer to help her to reach her goal very shortly.

How much weight did Melissa Peterman lose?

Melissa Peterman loses about 60 pounds or 27 kg within one year by following a proper diet plan and workouts.

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