OK Tested Cast And Anchors Names With Photos

OK Tested is an Indian based entertainment-focused youtube channel, own by ScoopWhoop Media production. Besides entertainment videos, they also upload infotainment videos regularly. Most of the videos from the OK Tested channel are engaging, so people love their content. 

Most of the OK Tested channel audience also feels connected with the OK Tested cast, and almost all the anchors have their own fan following among OK Tested viewers.

OK Tested Cast Name

A team of around 16 people moderates the OK Tested youtube channel. Each of them has some sort of fan followers. So we sort the list of OK Tested anchors names by their social media fan followers and their popularity among followers.

Akshay Nayar


Akshay is one of the most loved anchors on OK Tested. He has more than 140K followers on Instagram. He is very active on Social Media. Besides an anchor on the OK Tested channel, he is also a Film Maker and Content Creator on the ScoopWhoop website, which is the parent company of OK Tested.


  • Akshay Nayar is a fan of Liverpool football club.
  • Akshay also a fan of Shah Rukh Khan, as most of the Indians.
Date Of Birth31st October
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight64 Kilograms

Kanishk Priyadarshi

More than 100K people follow Kanishk on Instagram. He is only one of two anchors who has more than 100K followers on Instagram. As an anchor, he always loves to come up with new ideas for his audience. Besides a self-made anchor, he is also an actor.

Besides an anchor, Kanishk is a music lover. He has already given a talk to Tedx. Besides that, he has also appeared in Vogue India magazine.

Arushi Kapoor


Arushi Kapoor is the most popular female anchors among all the OK Tested cast. She has over 70K followers on Instagram. She grew up in the city of dreams Mumbai and completed her graduation from Lady Shri Ram College. She is also quite active on Twitter since 2010.


  • She is a huge Marvel fan.
  • Arushi is more connected with Beach than the mountain.
  • Her husband’s name is Krishanu.

Antil Yadav


Antil is one of the most handsome and cutest anchors. He has over 65K followers on Instagram as of now. The follower base of his is increasing rapidly. The root of Antil is hailed to Punjab. He gets on average 5K likes on his every single new post on Instagram.

The former rj also known as RJ Khurki, and he is mostly popular on female youth.

Aakansha Bhatia


Akansha is an Illustrator, Designer, and Anchor. The beautiful lady has raised in Bihar. She loves to adapt to new characters on the screen.


  • She is a pet lover and has a dog pet, named Kawaii.
  • Arushi is her best friend among OK Tested anchors.

Pavitra Paruthi

Pavitra Paruthi is the funniest and crazy person among all the OK Tested cast. Over 58K people follow her on Instagram. If you’re a follower of Pavitra, then you already know that He has a great passion for song. Often time he also uploads some random songs to full fill his followers’ requests.

Pavitra’s and Tenzing Wang’s screen chemistry gets appreciation from audiences all the time. Not to mention that in real life they are also very good friends. 

Tenzing Wang


Tenzing is a model, anchor, and content creator based in New Delhi. She has a relatively big fan following on Instagram, specifically 42K+. She gets nearly 10K+ likes on her every single photo on Instagram. Meanwhile, she has an over 17% engagement ratio on Instagram.

The hot and beautiful anchor is very conscious about her health and fitness. She loves to consume healthy food and join gym sessions regularly.


  • She has a soft feeling for pets.
  • Tenzing is a foodie. She always loves to taste new delicious foods.

Rohit Bhattacharya


Over 24K followers follow him on Instagram. Besides anchors, he is also a writer and fun-loving. Rohit has appeared in many popular videos of OK Tested. The most popular video where he has appeared is “We tried India’s scrappiest food.”

Sonali Mushahary


Sonali is more a managing director of ScoopWhoop, but still, she has appeared in some videos of OK Tested. Those few videos were enough to prove her presenting ways. 

Though she is not much active on OK Tested as an anchor, but she still has a decent number of fan following among OK Tested viewers.

On Instagram, More than 30K people follow her. She has a dog pet.

Satyam Jha

Satyam is a filmmaker and a social media influencer from Delhi. More than 43k people follow her on Instagram. It is said that he is a very naughty and fun-loving guy, also serious about his passion. Satyam Jha is broadly popular around OK Tested viewers.

Satyam and Akhsay is the most loved onscreen pair, according to video views.

Kaustubh Chaturvedi


Kaustubh Chaturvedi is also known as Biloni in his friend circle. He is one of the most loved anchors among OK Tested members list. He was born and raised in Lucknow, Utter Pradesh, and currently, he is residing in Delhi for his professional works.


So these are the most popular OK Tested cast. They all are highly talented and makes engaging videos. Everyone has there own fan followings on Social Media and around OK Tested viewers.

In social media, the most popular anchor is Akshay Nayar by having more than 140K followers on Instagram. The most popular female anchor is Arushi Kapoor by having more than 70K followers on Instagram. Let us know, who is your favourite anchor from OK Tested youtube channel?

Frequently Asked Questions

how much ok tested anchors earn?

The OK T. anchors estimated salary is around $4K-$5K per month, meanwhile, on average they are earning around 3,00,000 Indian rupees per month. The salary can be increased and decrease by individual artists.

Is OK Tested A Company?

OK Tested is a media publications that owned by the parent company ScoopWhoop Media Company, based in New Delhi.

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