Olivia Jensen – Biography Of Danish Plus-Size Model

Olivia Jensen is a Danish plus-size fashion model & Vlogger from Denmark. Olivia currently lives in Midwestern, United States.

In our today’s article, you are going to learn about your favorite Olivia Jensen’s biography, age, net worth, boyfriend, height, weight, etc. So please stick with us and read the full article to know more about this gorgeous Danish model. But first, take a look at Olivia’s quick bio and facts.

Olivia Jensen Career

Olivia started working with AllGoodThings Network back in the year 2012. Basically, AllGoodThings Network is based in Los Angeles, US, and promotes everything from product and entertainment reviews to DIY tutorials. 

In December 2013, The AllGoodThings Network uploaded a video on their youtube channel. The theme of the 5 minutes long video was distressing jeans & the host of that video was none other than Olivia Jensen.

Suddenly, that video goes viral on youtube. That video gets nearly 12 million views yet on youtube. That video plays a significant role in gaining a certain amount of subscribers on the AllGoodThings Network youtube channel.

Olivia Jensen

The best part is, Tabria Majors also worked for this Network.

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Because of that viral video, Olivia Jensen got fame. People also admire her beauty. Olivia & her fans think that the reason behind that video got lots of views is Olivia Jensen’s beauty & shaped body.

The comment box of that video was flooded with admiration of her beautiful face & body.

Last year she also worked for Fashion Nova. Where she mainly promoted a Kimmy Dress on their youtube channel.

How old is Olivia?

Olivia was born on April 11, 1993, in Copenhagen, Denmark. As she was born in 1993, so now she is 27 years old. Olivia’s zodiac sign is Aries.


Although She didn’t talk about her relationship status much. But once a follower of her asked her about her relationship, then she replied, right now, I am not thinking about the relationship.

So maybe she doesn’t have a boyfriend now. But remember, that question asked on a three years old post.

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Net Worth

Although there is no official net worth information of Olivia Jensen, but sources say that she has estimated 500 thousand dollars of net worth.

Height & Weight

Olivia is a plus-size model. She said that she loves her body, and she doesn’t want to transform it to slim. The weight of Olivia Jensen is 90 Kilograms.

olivia jensen height weight

The height of her is near around 5 feet 6 inches. Jensen’s height is an excellent height for her body. It makes her body looks more gorgeous.

Social Appearance

Olivia Jensen has her own youtube channel by her name. Where she uploaded seven vlog videos & with those seven videos, she gained almost 20000 subscribers on youtube. Olvia’s youtube channel already got 800000 views.

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But in our research, we didn’t found her on other popular social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. It seems like she isn’t quite active on social media platforms except for Youtube.

Olivia Jensen is a soft-minded

Once a follower of Jensen asked her, what do you do if you get a billion-dollar check, then she replied, “Billion dollars is lots of money. First I would give a quite amount of money to my parents just for everything they have done for me and given me so I would like to give back to them then I would like to charities to give some money, maybe I will pick autism based charity or cancer based then I would go and find a ton of unprivileged children and buy them lots of toys and things that whatever they wanted”

Olivia’s statement shows how much soft-minded she is. It’s really sweet of her. Her followers also support her decision.

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Her Idol

Olivia’s biggest inspiration is her older sister. She said that my older sister was always there for me. Olivia added she(older sister) was like a second mom for me. So from my childhood time, I have wanted to be like her.


  • She is a plus-size fashion model
  • She has two pets. One is a cat, and one is a dog.
  • Her hobby is walking with dogs and dancing.

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