Tanya Burr Weight Loss: How Did Tanya Burr Lose Weight?

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Most people lose weight by following a healthy diet plan and a prescribed workout schedule. Some combine both regular workouts and dieting. However, a few more people lose weight when their health starts failing or when on weight loss drugs.

But Tanya burr weight loss journey sounds different. Therefore, the method you choose to lose weight does not matter as long as it helps you burn the extra fat.

Tanya Burr is an actress and an English youtube star who posts makeup and fashion content on YouTube. She has been advertising beauty and fashion since 2009 and has posted plenty of fashion youtube videos. In some cases, she vlogs about food.

Three years ago, she got into the entertainment industry, where she played guest roles in series like Holby City and Bulletproof. Also, she was featured in the Hurt by paradise movie.

Lately, she has been uploading bikini shots on social media. This has left her fans with many questions about Tanya Burr weight loss diet secrets.

They now want her to spill the beans just like she does about fashion hacks and beauty. In some of the latest photos Tanya posted, it is clear that she has gone through a body transformation that has helped her shed off excess fat. Read on to unravel the secrete behind her weight loss journey.

However, in a nutshell:

Tanya Burr lost most of her weight due to being preoccupied with various activities, including West End Play, she is working on. Even though she occasionally visits barry’s Bootcamp.

Tanya Burr Weight Loss Journey


Burr has severally been seen eating junk food, including cake and ice cream. So, her weight loss journey has nothing to do with what she eats. Also, no one has ever put her under pressure or encourage her to lose weight.

However, it appears Tanya burr weight loss journey started when she got engaged to Jim Chapman in 2012. Since then, she seems more toned than she was before.

According to her confession, she is anti diets. She also exercises, but her secret is not following a particular meal plan and fitness routine. Once in a while, she jogs and engages in jumping with her legs and arms spread but does not follow one specific weight loss diet plan.

Tanya revealed that she does not have a particular diet that she sticks to. She says that she eats all types, drinks alcohol, and only exercises twice per week. Also, she revealed that she eats regular foods and loves vegetables.

So, it means that Tanya has lost weight without relying on any diet.

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So, if Tanya does not follow any strict diet plan and does not exercise regularly, what has helped her lose weight?

There are different views on how Tanya has managed to tone her body without following a strict diet. Some people believe that she is not disclosing her diet plan but waiting for an appropriate time to do so.

Also, the fact that she eats fatty foods and has been seen eating burgers and cakes makes it difficult to believe that there is a diet that is making Tanya burr weight loss journey a success.

A few people suspect that she is unhealthy if her loose skin and looks are anything to go by. Others suspect that she might be having bulimia, making it difficult for her to put on weight if she is not eating super-duper healthy foods.

Is it true that the Youtuber has lost weight without dieting? So how did Tanya burr lose weight?

Unfortunately, Tanya does not directly answer questions on what she does to lose weight. She says that you can eat cake since the secret is not about dieting.

She says that she eats all foods and drinks any type of alcohol she wants but visits barry’s Bootcamp once or twice per week.

When you look at Tanya’s images ten years ago, it tells you that her weight loss journey may have started around that time. Indeed, the transition between where she was and where she is now in weight loss seems to have been very gradual. But, unfortunately, she does not disclose why she decided to shed off the extra fat.


Bur and Jim Chapman got engaged in 2012 and exchanged their vows at Babington house in somerset in 2015. However, Tanya burr shocked her followers when she announced their separation in March 2019.

According to Burr, they both made the tough decision to part ways but maintains that they have a lot of love and respect for each other. She further said that the couple would remain friends and thanked her youtube channel fans for being considerate to her and Jim Chapman.

How Did Tanya Burr Lose Weight?

Although Tanya has not disclosed any strict diet that she follows, her fans have commended her for the slimmer figure she has attained and want her to disclose the weight loss plan. In addition, some have asked her to release a video on her weight loss journey.

After looking at Tanya burr weight loss before and after the journey, fans want her to do a video on the diet and workouts that keep her healthy.

Tanya Burr Diet Plan

Tanya insists that she has not been on a strict diet. She says that she is anti-diet and she does not diet anymore.

So, she is not following any strict routine but attributes weight loss to the play she is working on. She claims that she has been super busy and preoccupied with the play she is working on.

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In 2018, Tany Burr unveiled that she did not have a particular diet that she was following but encouraged her fans to engage in exercises. Also, she does not have a strict workout routine she adheres to.

Tanya Burr Weight, Height, Body Physique

At Present, the YouTuber weighs about 56 Kg or 123 Lbs.

She is 5 feet and 4 inches tall with a body mass index of 21.1. Indeed, the incredible figure she has attained is the right body shape expected of a celebrity with more than 3 million followers on Instagram.

Weight In Pounds123 Pounds
Weight In KG56 Kilograms
Height5 feet 4 inch
BMI21.1 m/kg2
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorHazel
Shoe SizeAround 8


The Conclusion

It is unclear what may have aided Tanya burr weight loss journey since she does not eat perfectly. But from her story, she seems not to have any fitness secrets. However, working out and just keeping one’s mind busy can help you shed off the extra fat.

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