Vanessa Serros Bio, Age, Height, birthday, net worth 2021, facts

Vanessa Serros is a Model, Body Builder, and Instagram Influencer from the United States. She is quite active on Instagram and uploads her breathtaking lifestyle and workout photos. Followers always compliment her for her charm and bodybuilding passion. 

Vanessa Serros Bio


Vanessa Serros was born and raised in the United States. Vanessa grew up with the love of her parents. From her childhood, she was very active in co-curricular activities.

At the age of 13, she started practicing Gymnastics, and at the age of 17, she took bodybuilding seriously for having a healthy and robust body physics.

She hasn’t disclosed her education status yet. She is also socially very active and fun-loving. She has many good friends, and Maya is her best friend.

Vanessa Serros Age

Vanessa Serros is 29 years old. She celebrates her cake day on 29th August of every year. Meanwhile, she falls into the Leo star sign. The model was born in 1991 and spent her whole childhood in Las Vegas.

As a Leo, it defines her as passionate, dynamic, and honest. Like most Leos, she grabs potential opportunities. It’s tough for anyone to guess her age correctly cause she doesn’t look 29 years old, whereas she looks like a 23-year-old young, bold lady.

Birthday29th August
Birth Year1991
Age29 Years
Zodiac SignLeo

Height & Weight

The height of Vanessa Serros is 4 feet 9 inches, and her weight is about 47 Kilograms. The combination of her body physics and height gives her an hourglass body shape. 

Her body mass index score is 22.5 m / kg2, which is counted as a healthy body as per her height and weight. As a bodybuilder, she always needs to maintain her body weight compared to her height. To keep her body figure in shape, she regularly attends workout sessions and mostly eats healthy food.

Height5 Feet 2 Inches
Weight47 Kilograms
BMI22.5 m / kg2
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe SizeSix


Currently, She is in a relationship with a mature person, and Vanessa Serros’s boyfriend’s name is Jon. Jon is way older than Vanessa. Jon’s age is about 50 years old.

Some people take it negatively. Later, Vanessa clarifies that she loves him. That’s why she is dating her, not for other reasons.

She said,”He is unbelievably sweet, understands me like no other, and has brought so much fun and happiness to my life. He is Hilarious, playful, and Keeps my anxious head on straight.

Vanessa shared that when she first met Jon, Jon was decent and slightly naughty.

Vanessa Serros Net Worth

The model Vanessa Serros net worth is about $200K. Vanessa earns about $10K – $15k per month. The income of the glamour girl comes from different sources, such as Brand Collaboration, Merchandise, Sponsorship, and more.


Though the amount of fortune she has, is enough to lead a decent lavish lifestyle. Still, the in front of her hardwork and talent, the amount is still small. She deserves more success and no doubt on that she will achieved more success in her purse, in future.

Net Worth in 2021$200K
Salary$10K -$15K
ProfessionModel and Bodybuilder
Income SourceBrand Collaboration, Merchandise, Sponsorship

Basic Workout & Diet Routine

As a Bodybuilder, she is very conscious about both workout and diet plans. She mainly starts her morning with Coffee + Almond Milk + Chocolate Protein Powder. Later, she goes for workout sessions. She tries to maintain her workout routine. 

Sometimes, she replaced her workout sessions with Cardio and more indoor activities. She mostly loves to have healthy meals for Lunch and Dinner.

Social Media Appearance

Vanessa shared that she joined Instagram to inspire upcoming bodybuilder girls and guide them properly. Now more than 260K people follow her on Instagram, and the number is growing rapidly. Apart from Instagram, she is also available on TikTok.

Instagram: She has uploaded her first photo on Instagram on APRIL 7, 2014. Since then, she has uploaded more than 250 pieces of content on Instagram, which helped her grow a bigger audience and achieved 260K followers’ landmarks.


She mainly uploads lifestyle photos, gym sessions, and motivational photos on Instagram. Most of her breathtaking photos get a good amount of appreciation from audiences.

On average, she brings nearly 19K likes on her every single released photo on Instagram, and her Instagram accounts hold an engagement ratio of over 7.5%. In addition, she uploads content on Social Media more frequently, about three photos in a week.

TikTok: She is not very active on TikTok. Still, over 45K people follow her on Instagram, and recently her accounts crossed the landmark of more than 170K likes on TikTok. Usually, she uploads funny girly videos on TikTok, but sometimes she also uploads workout clips.

Interesting Facts about Vanessa Serros

  • She started her job career by teaching kids.
  • Some of her dream destinations are following Philippines, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Maldives, and many more.
  • She has a great interest in fashion and entrepreneurship.
  • When she was a kid, She was a gymnast.
  • She loves to taste different varieties of foods such as Italian, Mexican, and sushi.
  • The diva has completed her Bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology from UC San Diego.
  • Some of her favorite shows are Breaking Bad, Seinfeld, Shark Tank, etc.
  • She has a pet cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

People are always crazy for their favorite celebrity. So they want to know more about their personal life. Below are some of the most common questions asked on the Internet.

who is vanessa serros

Vanessa Serros is a Model, Body Builder, an Instagram Influencer. She was born in the United States, so she holds American nationality. She is highly active in co-curricular activities.

how old is Vanessa serros

The bodybuilder is 29 years old in 2021. She was born in 1991 and cut her birthday cake on 29th August of each year. According to her birthday, she falls under the sun sign of Leo.

how tall is Vanessa serros

Vanessa Serros stands at a height of 4 feet 9 inches (1.45 Meters).

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